Zari Hassan and Shakib Lutaaya: A Tale of Enduring Love Leading to Matrimony

by Francis Ogoti
2 minutes read

The narrative of Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and her beloved spouse, Shakib Lutaaya, stands as a testament to lasting love and unwavering commitment. As they prepare to embark on the enchanting journey of matrimony, let us delve into the heartwarming intricacies of their upcoming wedding celebration, scheduled for the 3rd of October 2023.

The anticipation surrounding the impending union of Zari Hassan and Shakib Lutaaya has captivated the affections of many. The couple recently disseminated an enchanting wedding announcement across their social media platforms, extending a heartfelt invitation to their cherished family and closest confidants. This simple yet elegant gesture serves as a prelude to the magnificent celebration that lies ahead.


Amidst the opulence and grandeur often associated with high-profile weddings, Zari Hassan unveiled a profound insight into her motivations for entering this sacred bond. The luminary expressed that, despite attaining immense success and contentment in her life, her most profound aspiration was to fortify her faith as a devout Muslim. In a touching demonstration of devotion, Shakib Lutaaya honored her wishes by presenting her with a Quran as a component of the bride price.

I have attained every desire I have ever harbored in this world. The Almighty has bestowed upon me a life resplendent with beauty; my progeny flourishes, and my enterprise prospers. My solitary request of my spouse was the bestowment of a Quran, as I endeavor to elevate my spiritual devotion. I, too, embrace the Islamic faith, a revelation that surprised him. Consequently, he procured one for me, and therein lies my singular desire – a Quran.” – Zari Hassan

This gesture not only underscores the couple’s unwavering commitment to their faith but also epitomizes the profound depths of their connection.

At the ages of 43 and 32, Zari Hassan and Shakib Cham Lutaaya embarked upon their journey of love with a humble, yet profoundly meaningful, Muslim wedding ceremony on April 16th. This unassuming event reflects the purity of their affection and their unwavering focus on the fundamental principles that unite them.

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