“I dont worship idols”, osoro denies Goat Sacrifice

by Francis Ogoti
2 minutes read

South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro has firmly declined the recent proposal by the Mwanyagetinge Heritage Council of elders to partake in a goat sacrifice as a means of reconciling differences with Kisii Governor Simba Arati. This move adds another layer to the ongoing efforts to mend the rift between the two political figures. Osoro, the Majority Whip, has unequivocally stated that he is no longer open to further ‘handshake talks with anybody,’ emphasizing the need for each leader to focus on their responsibilities bestowed upon them by the electorate.

Addressing the issue with unwavering resolve, Osoro expressed his disinterest in engaging in any form of dialogue and instead advocates for allowing the law to take its course in resolving the disputes between him and Governor Arati. “Wacha sheria ifuatwe. That is what I can say for now,” he asserted. This resolute stance from Osoro sets the stage for a legal resolution, highlighting his commitment to adhering to established legal processes.

The elders’ recommendation for Osoro, Arati, Senator Richard Onyonka, and Woman Rep Dorice Aburii to provide six goats each for a county cleansing ceremony on February 1st, 2024, was met with swift rejection from Osoro. He dismissed the proposed animal sacrifice, citing his non-adherence to ‘idol worship’ and asserting his faith in Jesus Christ. Osoro firmly stated, “There is no animal sacrifice that can change one’s heart and behavior. One only needs the blood of Jesus and prayers.”

Describing the planned ritual as ‘grotesque and alien’ to him, Osoro’s refusal to participate in the goat sacrifice underscores a clash of beliefs between traditional practices and his Christian faith. This dichotomy adds a complex layer to the already tense situation, as cultural and religious differences come to the forefront of the ongoing political discord.

In light of recent skirmishes in Nyakembene in South Mugirango, where firearms were drawn, Osoro has taken a proactive approach by involving his legal representation. He has demanded an apology from Governor Arati over the aforementioned incidents. This legal maneuver indicates Osoro’s commitment to seeking redress through established legal channels rather than engaging in ceremonial gestures.

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