Griffin Musila Named Captain for KCB in the 2023-24 Kenya Cup Season

by Francis Ogoti
3 minutes read

The former Kenya Cup titans, KCB, have officially designated Griffin Musila as the skipper for the imminent 2023-2024 Kenya Cup campaign. This strategic maneuver heralds a pivotal transformation for the club, marking the end of an illustrious 14-year tenure by the venerable prop Curtis Lilako, who was a stalwart of the Thika Road side.

Griffin Musila, a consummate hooker, boasts an impressive dossier as an indispensable asset in KCB’s triumphant crusades, securing numerous Kenya and Enterprise Cup laurels over the past half-dozen seasons. As a seasoned campaigner, Musila shoulders the mantle of guiding the team to reclaim their hegemony in the realm of 15s rugby, particularly after enduring two consecutive seasons bereft of silverware.

Musila’s rugby odyssey extends beyond the precincts of the club level, replete with notable triumphs that underscore his mettle as a leader. As an alumnus of Kakamega High School, Musila captained his alma mater to victory in the national schools’ 15-a-side rugby championship in 2011. His wealth of experience and unyielding winning mentality render him the quintessential candidate to chart KCB’s course towards glory.

The KCB squad currently finds itself in a phase of transition, characterized by the infusion of burgeoning talents into the fold. Assistant coach Dennis Mwanja radiates confidence in the team’s prospects for the impending season, with Musila’s seasoned leadership constituting a linchpin. Mwanja avers, “Musa is a seasoned campaigner, a stalwart of the squad for an extended duration. Coupled with the leadership cadre within the roster, I am sanguine that we shall be a force to reckon with, poised to reclaim the Kenya Cup diadem in the forthcoming season.”

The journey toward supremacy for KCB commences with meticulous preparations. The team initiated their training regimen in August, gearing up for the pre-season Impala Floodlits competition, slated to commence in the middle of this month. Notably, KCB holds the distinction of being the reigning champions in the Floodlits, securing victory on multiple occasions, with a quartet of triumphs in the last four years.

Assistant coach Mwanja underscores the scrupulousness of their preparatory efforts. They scrupulously dissect every facet of the sport, ranging from scrums and line-outs to offensive and defensive strategies. Every player assumes a pivotal role in ensuring the team’s triumph, underscoring the painstaking attention to detail that distinguishes KCB.

KCB’s most recent Kenya Cup coronation unfolded in 2021 at Nandi Bears, culminating in a thrilling triumph over Kabras, culminating in a 28-25 scoreline. With Griffin Musila at the helm, buoyed by a constellation of gifted athletes and a coaching ensemble committed to excellence, the bankers are primed to inscribe another chapter of triumph in the annals of Kenyan rugby.

The appointment of Griffin Musila as captain portends the inception of a fresh epoch for KCB, one replete with promise, ambition, and an unwavering pursuit of glory in the 2023-24 Kenya Cup season. With their documented track record and unwavering commitment to excellence, KCB remains an indomitable force in Kenyan rugby, capturing the collective gaze as they embark on this exhilarating voyage.

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