Avido: From Kibera to the Global Fashion Stage

by Francis Ogoti
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Avido, whose roots extend to the vibrant heart of Nairobi’s Kibera, stands as a paragon of innovation and ingenuity within the world of haute couture. His odyssey, transitioning from the bustling streets of Kibera to commanding the attention of global luminaries such as Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Chris Martin, Romain Virgo, Chronixx, and Ty Dollar Sign, is nothing short of remarkable.

A Creative Evolution Avido, also known by his birth name, David Ochieng, initially charted a different course in life, pursuing a career in soccer. As he diligently honed his skills on the soccer pitch, little did he fathom that his destiny would pivot towards the realm of creativity. When the allure of sponsorships for his soccer journey began to wane, he found solace in dance as an alternative avenue for self-expression.

It was during this juncture that Avido’s creative spark ignited. A sequence of serendipitous circumstances led him away from his athletic pursuits, guiding him towards the tutelage of local tailors and the arcane craft of garment refurbishment. In the year 2015, he took a decisive stride by submitting an application for a scholarship at the esteemed Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts.

Hope and raw talent intersected in the narrative of Avido when he presented an array of sartorial masterpieces that he had meticulously crafted as part of his scholarship submission. The evaluating panel was not merely impressed; they were astute enough to discern his latent potential. In the span of a single year, Avido became proficient in the labyrinthine domain of costume design and marketing, eventually securing a coveted certificate in fashion design.

Supportive Figures Avido’s voyage towards becoming a venerated fashion virtuoso was far from solitary. Influential individuals played pivotal roles in molding his trajectory. The late Ken Okoth, the distinguished Member of Parliament for Kibra, bestowed upon him a sewing apparatus that proved invaluable. Furthermore, a confidant offered him a workspace that would serve as the crucible of his creative ambitions.

Dancing metamorphosed into a conduit for financial sustenance, facilitating the procurement of essential materials for his burgeoning tailoring atelier. Commencing with the crafting of t-shirts for his dance ensemble, the distinctiveness of his designs commenced to attract notice.

Avid’s Rise to Stardom A defining moment in Avido’s career materialized when he created apparel for his mentor, MP Okoth, who proudly donned his creations within the hallowed halls of Parliament. This act propelled the young maestro into the spotlight, setting the stage for a series of international collaborations.

Avido’s couture caught the discerning eyes of global icons, including the incomparable Usain Bolt and the inimitable Bruno Mars. His global acclaim was unequivocally cemented when, in the annus mirabilis of 2020, Beyoncé featured his sartorial creations in her illustrious Black-Owned Business Directory, ‘Black is King.’ This unprecedented exposure launched Avido into an echelon of prosperity hitherto unattained. In that same year, his ‘LooksLike Avido’ line graced the august pages of the internationally revered fashion and lifestyle periodical, Vogue Italia.

Giving Back to Kibera: The Kibera Fashion Week Avido’s triumph isn’t solely measured in personal accolades; it extends to a noble endeavor of enriching his community and redefining its image. In the year 2022, he inaugurated the Kibera Fashion Week, an annual event serving as a testament to the opulent and vibrant cultural tapestry of Kibera. This celebration showcases the talents of indigenous artists, designers, and models.

The sophomore edition of the Kibera Fashion Week, held in 2023, continued to encapsulate the quintessence of Kibera’s unique style. Reflecting on this event, Avido opined, “Kibera is a fount of style. Regrettably, the external perception is marred by post-electoral violence, prostitution, and substance abuse. We are determined to reveal the kaleidoscope of style and creativity that thrives here. What we lack are opportunities.”

Avido’s sojourn from a modest corner of Nairobi to international acclaim serves as a testimonial to the potent triumvirate of creativity, talent, and the unwavering support of a community that believed in the fruition of his dreams. His chronicle stands as a wellspring of inspiration for burgeoning fashion luminaries, unequivocally attesting that the flame of talent knows no geographic constraints and can kindle even in the most improbable of locales.

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