Andrew Kibe is set to charge his fans 20K for Graduation Day

by Francis Ogoti
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Andrew Kibe, the US-based Kenyan YouTuber, is set to break new ground with his highly anticipated event, ‘Andrew Kibe’s Graduation Day.’ In this exclusive gathering, Kibe invites fans and enthusiasts to join him for a day of celebration and inspiration like no other. This article delves into the details of this groundbreaking event, highlighting what makes it a must-attend occasion.

The Whopping Ticket Price of KSh 20,000

The buzz around ‘Andrew Kibe’s Graduation Day’ revolves primarily around the substantial price tag associated with attending. Each ticket commands a hefty fee of KSh 20,000, making it a significant investment for anyone wanting to participate in this unique experience. But why is Andrew Kibe charging this amount, and what does it entail?

The Rationale Behind the Pricing

Kibe initially planned to offer only 300 tickets for the event, but his sources advised him to expand the availability to 2,000 tickets. This decision was not taken lightly, and Kibe’s rationale for setting the price at KSh 20,000 is rooted in creating a manageable and memorable event for all attendees.

He explained, “On our graduation day, we shall be graduating. It’s going to be a full event. It is going to be something interesting. Only 2,000, more than 2,000 is too much. Ata tulikua tumeweka soo tatu nikaambiwa buda don’t be ridiculous. It’s only going to be 2,000 tickets. Make sure you get yourself a ticket. It could only be 2,000 tickets, please make sure you get yourself a ticket. We put it up to 2,000 because, again, we want a manageable crowd.”

Fan Reactions and Online Discourse

Naturally, the announcement of the KSh 20,000 ticket price generated a wide array of reactions from netizens. Some applauded Kibe’s decision, while others raised eyebrows and expressed their reservations. Let’s take a look at some of the notable responses:

– **@djshiti_comedian**: “Ticko zimeisha tayari ni sold out.”
– **@itsmssuzzy**: “If you have to pay someone to tell you you’re a man bro you have drama issues.”
– **@tina_muchiri**: “Ma student wa kibe ata hawawezi afford iyo.”
– **@brightgameli**: “What is he graduating with? And the people to attend are… let me not do not finish.”
– **@king_muriithi254**: “Najua umekuja kuangalia comments… wueeh.”
– **@alfonce_ngotu**: “Miti KSh 20k surely Kifee pia wewe unafaa whips.”
– **@mr_brown_nba**: “Trust me… he will get the KSh 40 million.”
– **@_law_____**: “Hapo kwa KSh 20k sisi watu local tuta uma njee mbaya.”
– **@dmkimani**: “Kwani ni Kanye West.”
– **@Leeroy_young**: “KSh 20,000 ya kazi gani surely na yeye sio artiste ati ataimba,”
– **@deejay_lunah**: “Ukose kupea dem yako hiyo doo ndio ulipe ya graduation.”
– **@wade_tonny**: “Ya Zimbambwe ama juu iyi ata ya Uganda ni expensive.”
– **@fashioniconstan**: “Sasa watu huskiza Kibe can’t even afford Ksh 1k, kwani ameji-overestimate aje smh.”

Andrew Kibe’s Controversial Views

Andrew Kibe is no stranger to controversy, and this event is no exception. In a separate story, Kibe stirred the pot by cautioning men against dating single mothers, asserting that baby daddies still had access to them. His comments sparked outrage online, with single mothers and their supporters criticizing him for his viewpoint.

Andrew Kibe’s Graduation Day’ is poised to be a significant event in the world of influencer gatherings. While the ticket price may be steep, Kibe’s intention to create an unforgettable experience for a manageable crowd is clear. The buzz and online discourse surrounding this event only serve to heighten its intrigue. Whether you’re an ardent fan or a curious observer, this is an event that promises to be talked about for a long time to come.

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